The Lee County Republican Party (a.k.a. Lee County Grand Old Party or Lee GOP) pursues the mission of growing and prospering as the dominant political party in the county, consistently setting the example for citizens by upholding traditional American values and Judeo-Christian principles.  Our dedicated officers and volunteers strive to make Lee County great again and to transform the county into a great place to live, work and play.  We work diligently to elect conservative Republican leaders to all offices at local, state and federal levels.

The Lee GOP believes we must restrain the government from growing in size and cost, allowing the citizens of Lee County to prosper.  We promote natural business and economic growth throughout the county without unwarranted government intrusion.    We support education choice for our families, the right of parents to choose the best educational institutions for their children, and the opportunity for state and federal monies to "follow the child" wherever he or she is educated.

The Lee GOP values life and protection of the unborn.

The Lee GOP supports all law enforcement officials in the pursuit of their statutory responsibilities, and we promote the cooperation of local, state and federal agencies in enforcing immigration and customs laws, gang monitoring, human trafficking, and illicit drug sales and distribution. 

The Lee GOP fully supports the national Republican Party platform found at this site:


Come visit us at 101 S. Steele St. in Sanford, NC or call us at (919) 774-9682.